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Copper with Niobium Hooks

Copper with Niobium Hooks

People love the look of copper. However, since many people are are sensative to it in their ears, when Ardent Designs works with copper we use hooks of Niobium with our pieces that have copper. Niobium has low toxicity so it is very friendly to people with metal sensativities.Using these hooks does cost more than copper, so if you wonder why Ardent Designs copper earrings might not be as competitive with others you see, this is why. The hooks are more hypoallergenic so more poeple can enjoy copper designs.

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Green Vines of Tenacity Earrings
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$28.00 - $36.00
Inner Peace Swarovski Earrings
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Pyrite in Celestial Orbit Copper Earrings
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Romanesque Earrings
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$16.00 - $18.00
Tilted Planet Earrings
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